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  • My 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee running lights will not work when I have the headlights on. I do have brake lights at all times. I've checked the fuses and wiring connections to no avail. Can anyone suggest a fix?

    Thank you

    The center brake light, sometimes referred to as the third brake light or stoplight, on your 1995 Jeep Cherokee lights up when you hit the brake pedal and helps prevent you from being rear ended by the cars behind you. See how to change the center brake light (CBL) on your Jeep Cherokee in the video above. Be careful not to touch the bulb directly with your fingers when you replace the center brake light bulb on your Cherokee, touching the bulb causes the it to burn out quicker.

    A burnt out center brake light bulb in your Cherokee is an excuse for a police officer to pull you over. Check your bulbs frequently and change burnt bulbs promptly.

  • Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights is a compact sport utility vehicle to offer 5 door body styles, powered at first by 4 cylinder engine and then by a V6. In 1987 they got a boost with a 4.0 L inline 6 engines. 1991 Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights: A 4-door Sport Cherokee Tail Lights joined the 2-door Sport, and a new Briarwood replaced the Wagoneer Limited, retaining woodgrain bodyside graphics. 4-cylinder horsepower rose from 121 to 130. All but the base model came with the 6-cylinder engine, which gained 13 horsepower. 1992 Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights: Cherokee Tail Lightss showed very little change. 1993 Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights: A new upscale Grand Cherokee Tail Lights arrived for 1993, dropping this regular Cherokee Tail Lights line down a notch. Jeep dropped its top-line Cherokee Tail Lightss to highlight the difference. 1994 Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights: New safety features included side door-guard beams and a center high-mounted stop lamp. 1995 Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights: A driver-side airbag arrived in 1995, and the base SE model gained reclining front bucket seats. Three models went on sale: SE, Sport, and Country . Four-cylinder Cherokee Tail Lightss became available later in the season with a 3-speed auto transmission. 1996 Jeep Cherokee Tail Lights: The four-cylinder dropped five horsepower, to 125, and was no longer available with the 3-speed auto transmission. Cherokee Tail Lights would be redesigned for 1997.

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