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  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T S Unintended acceleration of 2006 Toyota Avalon and headlight went off during the emergency stop (note: The Toyota Avalon has not gone through the recall repair but recall repair has been scheduled) I was driving on 101S near mountain view during evening commute hour. I was tapping the gas pedal as 101S was in stop-and-go traffic condition. I felt the Avalon went faster than I was expecting and I did not depress the gas pedal more than light tapping. The Avalon was at 40mph. I applied the brake to slow down the car immediately. I managed to stop my car in time to avoid a collision with a fully stopped vehicle in front of me. I noticed my auto headlight was off when I was in complete stop. I quickly turned the headlight switch from auto position to on and the headlight did not go on. I turned the switch to off position and on position. Then, the light came back on. - Sunnyvale, CA, USA

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T S 2006 Toyota Avalon limited headlights have very poor illumination beyond 2 car lengths ahead of vehicle while driving at night. There is a very distinctive line where the headlights project ahead of the car and from there it's very dark ahead. Almost lost control of the car, at 60 mph trying to Dodge a dear in the road that wasn't visible due to such a poor headlight illumination. It's a driving safety issue that should be investigated. Took the vehicle to Toyota to get the headlights adjusted/aligned & they said they were properly adjusted at the factory & no problems noted! - Vacaville, CA, USA

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