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Ford F250 F350 Superduty Excursion US 1-Piece Black Clear LED Headlights

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  • 1999 Ford F350 New Headlights, SPYDER LED Headlight Install

    If there is anything to dislike about an old Ford pickup, it's the faded old headlights. I'm not usually one to spiff up a truck to make it look like a toy, but if I'm going to make a repair I may as well upgrade if possible. I had the option to replace my lights with new OEM replacements, but why would I?

    I picked these up through JC Whitney. They look pretty sharp. The install was mostly painless except for the usual frustrations of trying to pull out something that's been in place for nearly 20 years. Removing the batteries is a big help to have space to work in behind the headlights.

    In general the install was very easy. Not quite a full plug and play. For the main headlights, the factory plug worked. The marker/directional fits in as well and uses factory bulb. For the LED and halo rings you have to splice into marker power feed, but that's easy enough.

    My biggest frustration was the lack of directions from SPYDER. They have plenty of videos online, which is their only saving grace. The included directions with the lights flat out suck. Also I saw no mention on any of the videos that I may have to cut my factory headlight bracket to allow these to fit. I tried like crazy to set them in place, and it just wasn't happening without the cuts I made. But once I figured out what to trim out, then the lights set in very nice.

    Driving to work in the dark was a world of difference and the truck looks amazing!

    Ford F350 Headlight Bulb Types: 9004, 9006, 9007, H10, H13, H3

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