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Spec-D Tuning LT-PL97RPW-RS Honda Prelude Type Sh/ Base Tail Lights Red/Clear

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    With styles like Chrome, JDM Black, Bermuda Black, Crystal Clear, and more, get Honda Prelude Projector Halo LED headlights or Honda Prelude Angel Eyes LED and CCFL headlights offering style and exotic radiance. When installed in your car, they will shine brighter, save more energy and last longer than the ordinary lights. Unlike factory-fitted headlights, they do not get damaged or wear off with time. They continue to shine brightly without the need of replacement. All Honda Prelude Aftermarket headlights come pre-assembled for an easy and convenient installation. Simply remove the old lights and replace them with your choice of Honda Prelude headlights and see the difference. Find your high powered Honda Prelude Projector Halo LED Headlights and get free shipping without sales tax!

  • Theoretically you can, but we highly recommend against doing so as it will void the warranty on the Honda Prelude Headlights. This is due to the fact that the constant flashing of the halo leads its life to be decreased dramatically. If you are unable to wire the halos to your Prelude's parking lights, we recommend wiring them to your Prelude's low beams or installing a separate switch.

    To be sure that no external moisture gets into the Honda Prelude Head Light though, it is a prudent idea to silicone seal the edges. Clear silicone sealant can be found in any hardware store (and some auto part stores), and can be applied to the seam along the Prelude headlights where the clear lens meets the rear housing. The $5-$10 is worth it in the long run to protect your investment.

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Honda Prelude JDM Altezza Tail Lights Tail Lamps provide exciting rear appearance on your ride in a very unique way. Our altezza tail light designs are consisting of one or more internal lamp units, covered with a clear (or tinted) acrylic cover. Most Honda Prelude tail lights are offered in clear housing and black housing design, for your style and design of your ride.