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  • Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Bulb Types: 880, 881, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, H10, H11, H13

    Make your Ram 1500 brighten up the view while looking good. Custom-crafted to your very vehicle, our bulbs will fit flawlessly and do the job excellently. And even better, buy Ram 1500 headlight bulbs at unbeatable prices and with fully free of charge shipping at Auto Accessories Garage.

    The 2009-2012 RAM 1500 has two different headlight options – 4 headlamps system, or a 2-headlamp system. Essentially, if your RAM 1500 has 2 separate bulbs for the low and high beam, then you have a “4 headlamp system.” If your RAM 1500 headlights use the same bulb for low and high beam, you have a “2 headlight system.” It is important to note which type of headlight you have if you planning on upgrading the truck’s lighting as different bulbs are used. The 4-headlamp system uses an H11-55W bulb for the low beams, and a 9005 bulb for the high beams. Upgrading the low beam headlight to HID / Xenon technology will require you to purchase an H11 HID Kit. You will also need to purchase our can bus fix / HID flicker fix to prevent your RAM 1500 from throwing any error codes. HID kits are rated at 35 Watts, and your halogen bulb is rated at 55 Watts –the Can Bus fix tricks the computer and ensures you do not experience any flickering with your newly installed HID Kit. Just like the 2013 RAM 1500, the 2011-2012 RAM 1500 use a 9005-halogen bulb for the high beams. Definitely look at the Philips 9005 Crystal Vision bulbs, or 9005 Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs if you are looking to enhance your high beam light output.

  • The 2013 RAM 1500 projector headlights use a 9012 halogen bulb for the low beam headlight. A 9012-halogen bulb is a clear bulb that connects to a PX22d base. It has a single filament, and is rated at 60 Watts. If you are not satisfied with the RAM’s stock light output, and want to increase light output by approximately 200%-300%, then we suggest upgrading your headlights to an HID kit. For this upgrade, we suggest getting a , and 4300k will get you the brightest output. Newer RAM 1500 vehicles use a CAN BUS system, meaning that you will need to order a CAN BUS fix from our website to prevent any flickering.

    The 2015 Ram 1500 projector headlights are an awesome candidate for a 9012 HID kit and/or as they offer a super-sharp cut off, and enable you to obtain both low and high-beam HID with the same 9012 HID kit. If you're looking to upgrade the fog lights on your 15 Ram, check out our large selection of H10 replacement bulbs, h10 HID kits, and H10 LED fog light kits. We've also put together a detailed , that shows you what bulbs to get if you're looking to upgrade other lights on the vehicle (such as LED license plate bulbs, turn signal, and brake lights).

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