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Apex 9005 / HB3 Xenon Hid Conversion Kit ( 8k 8000k Bright Blue ) with " Exclusive Digital Ignitor Premium Ballasts " Headlights Conversion Kit comes with Bulbs & Ballasts full HIDs Kits Bright Lights

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  • If you want to fully upgrade your car, you will want to install some of these new Scion TC HID lights. Not only will TC HIDs improve the way your car looks, it will help you see better as well. No other site has the selection and prices that we do. You are going to find that the TC Xenon headlights that we carry will really give you the look and practicality that you want. Plus, you can install these new TC HID Xenon bulbs into your headlights in less than an hour.

    On the road with the classic Scion TC Halo headlights, it becomes responsive and involves lot of attention. During dark nights or poor weather conditions, these powerful Scion TC Custom HID Headlights are a powerhouse that is stronger and brighter than the ordinary lights. The factory-fitted headlamps seem to wear off, turn milky or damage with time. This is not the case with the Scion TC Aftermarket Angel Eyes Headlights that have high-intensity LED bulbs in them. They tend to shine brighter, last longer and save more energy than the ordinary lights. The powerful light throws a straight beam on the road ahead, instead of waves formed by the ordinary lights. The drivers are able to assess the road in a much better way and avoid the chances of collisions or accidents.

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