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  • Since 1978, Feit Electric has remained the most innovative light bulb company in the world. Feit Electric is a proven leader continuously seeking the next lighting breakthrough. Our latest innovation, HomeBrite - a Bluetooth Smart Mesh LED Lighting System offers consumers an exciting new way to personalize and control home lighting, from the palm of their hand. The Feit Electric LED product portfolio includes new dimmable Performance LED bulbs, high-CRI Enhance LED bulbs, LED retrofit kits, and Linear LED Tube offerings. Feit Electric also manufactures energy-efficient LED luminaires including ultra-slim edge-lit ceiling fixtures, light-weight utility shop lights, and weatherproof outdoor LED fixtures.

    You will pay a bit more for the smart LED lighting system, but each bulb comes with something cheaper ones don’t have — an Internet connection that lets you control them from your phone or tablet.

  • introduces the RoboSmart wireless LED lighting system that enables smart lighting control via your smartphone, tablet or computer over Bluetooth Smart wireless. The wireless LED light bulb is available for pre-orders on the world’s largest open-funding platform .

    The HomeBrite lighting system offers the ability to extend control and personalization of every light in and around a home or office. The HomeBrite App serves as a virtual mobile light switch, which allows users to dim and turn lights on and off from anywhere in the house. This app also allows personalization of specific groups, rooms, timers, and schedules. HomeBrite is not only a Smart LED lighting system, it is also eco-friendly, using 84% less energy (compared to a standard 60W incandescent) and can last up to 22.8 years.

  • Lights are omnipresent within every facility and surrounding built environments, with their placement providing an unrivaled vantage point to perceive the activities beneath them. When static lighting becomes networked and intelligent, packaged sensors enable systems to become dynamic and responsive. As LED lighting systems become integrated with building automation platforms that utilize shared historians and open architectures, broader synergies will emerge. Their sensors will further enhance the intelligence and control capabilities of HVAC, access, fire detection, intelligent evacuation, and other building systems. These advanced LED systems may include indoor positioning systems using Visual Light Communications (VLC) and other embedded beacon technologies to track the movement of people, equipment and inventory within a facility, which will enable in-facility GPS-style mapping. What seals the deal is that whether you are building a new facility or retrofitting an existing structure with LED lighting, the additional costs for an advanced controls network is nominal. A smart LED lighting system pays for itself. LEDs are up to 70 percent more energy efficient than traditional lighting, so there is immediate, significant energy cost reduction. LED lighting systems are long lasting and require minimal maintenance, so both capital and operational costs are contained. Additionally, future upgrades can be streamlined through component swaps and software updates deployed from the cloud.

Dreamscreen Review - A Smart LED Back Lighting System!

The company's president, Jessie Tsay, says that the telecom service provider Chunghwa Telecom has begun providing a smart LED streetlight control system, but that the signals it sends can travel only in a linear direction and so miss streetlights that diverge from a straight line when the road turns. Also, he adds, the signals cannot go through building blocks, "... because Chunghwa's system does not have routers and anti-interference technology. Our system has overcome these technical problems.”