These orders further demonstrate Vivid Technology's strong pipeline for smart lighting systems.

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  • Engineered Smart Lighting Systems will optically sense the environment to provide energy efficient, comfortable illumination when and where it is needed. Beyond illumination, Smart Lighting Systems will simultaneously provide high speed data access and scan for biological and biochemical hazards.

    There exists a wide diversity of home electronics with incompatible remote controls. The motivation of this work is hence to develop a platform, either on a smart phone or a tablet, for interoperability among these incompatible remote controls, such that the real time monitoring on home energy use can be achieved, and the brightness as well as the lighting modes of a smart LED lighting system can be switched. Smart control refers to a succession of control strategies, involving experience learning, logic operation, adaptivity, organization, debug, and so on, and is widely applied to highly uncertain, nonlinear, or complicated systems, which cannot be well controlled by conventional approaches.

  • Smart lighting systems can be controlled using the internet to adjust lighting brightness and schedules. One technology involves a smart lighting network that assigns IP addresses to light bulbs.

    A clear disadvantage of a conventional lighting system is that it lacks the flexibility for any relocation of light sources, and it requires a great effort to rewire the entire system once it gets big, e.g., in a high-rise office building, These days, the instant energy use in lighting in such a high-rise building must be monitored in real time for energy saving purposes. A smart lighting system refers to an MCU-based system integrating automation, electronics, computer, network communication, and many more for energy efficiency improvement. In a conventional lighting system, a light source can be merely switched on/off manually, while, instead in a smart one, various preset lighting modes are preloaded into the lighting system, either wired or wireless, to meet the user's specific needs. Besides, conventionally, a heavily loaded lighting system necessitates a high-capacity switch, and requires a large volume of cables to drive a distant load. In contrast, a load is directly powered by an output driver, meaning that there is no need to increase the power capacity of a switch when the system is heavily loaded, and it merely requires a long signal line to drive a distant load. Furthermore, a smart lighting system can be made dimmable and controllable by timer means. As illustrated in , a smart LED lighting system comprises a rectifier followed by a power factor corrector and then by a DC/DC converter [].

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    Smart lighting management system can be extended with additional elements for the implementation of advanced features. Such elements may include illumination sensors, motion detectors and sensors reporting environmental data.

Figure 1: Smart street lighting system

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