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  • The Vany selfie smartphone light has been specifically designed for mobile devices and dramatically improves photographs taken in . Watch the video below to learn more about this small gadget that could help you create better photographs using your smartphone.

    But at night, your brain gets confused by that light, as it mimics the brightness of the sun. This , a hormone that gives your body the "time to sleep" cues. Because of this, smartphone light can disrupt your sleep cycle, making it harder to fall and stay asleep — and potentially causing serious health problems along the way.

  • Our bodies naturally follow a cycle that helps us stay awake and alert during the day and helps us get essential rest at night. But when we look at these screens as we're getting ready for sleep, our brains get confused. That light has a similar effect to the sight of the morning sun, which , a hormone that gives your body "time to sleep" cues. By disrupting melatonin production, smartphone light can disrupt your sleep cycle like an artificially induced sort of jet lag. This makes it harder to fall and stay asleep — and potentially causes serious health problems along the way.

    Brighten up your selfies with the Insta-Flash Smartphone LED light. Never again be in the dark in any photographic situation as this portable light will plug into the audio jack of your smartphone to beam 21 built-in LEDs onto your subject. Instantly the quality of your pictures and videos will be improved as bad lighting will never be an issue again.

  • The best solution to this problem is to carry with you some portable lighting. Now I don’t mean a full set of stand-alone redheads or a full Kino rig. This would defeat the object of being a mobile film-maker. What you can carry with you is one of the many Smartphone portable lights that are now available. LED lighting has many advantages; they are small and light, the bulbs don’t blow and they are good on power consumption.

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Not getting enough sleep caused by smartphone light can also make it harder to learn, and may leave you distracted and impair your memory the next day (). When comparing the brain of sleep deprived individuals with those who have received plenty of sleep, scientists have found reduced metabolism and blood flow in multiple brain regions. This results in impaired cognitive function and behaviour.